How to use a bread machine

Welcome back to “Bread machines guide“! Recently, I have received many emails of how to use a bread machine. Mostly, they wonder whether the way they use their bread machine is correct or not. Therefore, to help you all cope with this worrying problem, I am writing this post. Moreover, if you want to read more information, please click Best Horizontal Bread MachineComparison between Cuisinart CBK-100 vs CBK-200. I’m sure it will be valuable for you.

General introduction

Before deciding to buy a bread machine, it’s necessary for you all to have a careful grasp of them. Generally, I suppose that you should concern the dimensions, weight, the price; main and additional functions of the bread machine. In details, if you are a nuclear family, you’d better choose a medium-sized bread maker. In contrast, you should buy a bigger one with a more capacity. Secondly, if your family gains medium or even low-income, you should select a product with the affordable price instead of a high-costly one. Nowadays, there are many product lines with the different price, specially from under $100 to over $200, or even up to approximately $400.

Last but not least, the main functions are also wholly notice-worthy. In addition to baking bread, the users can use it to make some other delicious recipes such as pasta, cakes and so on. Today, there produced many different product lines with more and more functions, especially the gluten-free settings.

Detailed guidances

Now, I am writing to give you some basic steps of how to use a bread machine as follows. To tell the truth, they are vary important for you:

1. Have a careful grasp of your machine

Initially, it’s necessary for you to get to know some further information about your bread machine including the brand, main functions, additional functions, timer facility, special feature, and so on. Moreover, you should read carefully the instruction manual as well as the recipes books in order to avoid to go wrong. The more you understand your bread maker, the more precisely you use.  In specific, you must know some main parts of the machine such as the lid, control panel with a few buttons. Inside the machine, there is a bread pan or a bucket which is to mix ingredients and hold the bread. You must know how to remove the kneading blade from the bottom of the bread loaf after baking the bread.

2. Select the bucket capacity

Secondly, before making bread, you should select the baking pan in order to make the right amount of bread loaves you want. Measure the flour and water and add them into the bucket until they get a total. If your bread pan holds 10 cups of water, you can make 1-1/2 pound loaves of bread. If your bucket holds more than 10 cups and less than 10 cups of water, you can make 2 pound loaves and 1 pound loaves of bread, respectively.

3. Get accustomed to the settings

How to use a bread machine

Thirdly, you’d better take a look at the buttons and display screen on the control panel, including “Select” button, a “Stop/Start” button, Crust Color and Timer or Arrow buttons. Around the “select” button, there will be several options, including White or Basic; Whole Wheat; French; Sweet; Rapid, & Dough. Keep pressing the “select” button until it gets to the cycle you want. Sometimes, each cycle takes different time to mix and cook bread.

Not all bread machines have the crust setting. If you see “Crust” on the label, there will be 3 settings: Light, Medium & Dark. It can automatically set itself to the medium setting when you unplug and plug it back. The “crust” setting doesn’t work until you choose the dough cycle and press “Start”.

4. Prepare the ingredients

Furthermore, some basic ingredients which you need to add first include yeast, flour, salt, sugar, liquids and fats. The Yeast used in the bread machine is “active dry” which you can in a jar. You should use a packet of yeast for 2 teaspoons of yeast. Plus, bread flour is made from hard wheat, so it has more gluten, or wheat protein. Moreover, it can be used to make biscuit, cakes, quick cakes. Otherwise, You can use all-purpose bread flour for most recipes in case you don’t have bread flour.

On the other hand, salt is considered as a necessary ingredient for bread. In addition, sugar, honey and other sweets are added after finished bread to soften the dough loaf. Liquids are used as an additional when it’s warm or at room temperature. If the liquids are too hot, they will kill the yeast. When you use yogurt or buttermilk, you should take it out of the fridge to warm up. Finally, fats make the completed bread richer, softer and keep the bread non-stick the baking pan. Some basic fats are Margarine, oil, shortening, lard, chicken fat, bacon grease or butter.

5. Add the ingredients in the right order

Adding the ingredients in the right order is very important if you want to set the machine program with the Delay Cycle. You can follow these steps:

  • Put the liquids first.
  • Add the flour.
  • Add other dry ingredients like salt, sugar, dry milk powder and seasonings.
  • The last thing you add is yeast. Seemingly, this step is very important because it prevents the liquids and yeast touching each other

 6. Use the timer facility

You ought to have a thorough look at these guidances to use correctly the timer facility.

how to use a bread machine

Put the ingredients in the bread pan 

  • Use a recipe you want.
  • Put the ingredients into the bucket in the right order.

Select the cycle

Measure the time when the bread baking process is finished.

Use the arrow buttons to adjust the time 

Close the lid and press “start” button.

7. Clean the bread machine after baking

After baking bread, you should clean your machine to store and protect it from dust. Despite being very easy, I’m sure not all people know how to clean correctly. Let’s see the steps as follows:

Step 1: Unplug thr bread maker and wipe down the outside.

Step 2: Remove all parts from inside.

Step 3: Soak the bread paddle.

Step 4: Allow attachments to air dry completely


  • Never rinse the bread machine’s inside.
  • Never use steel wool, a scrub brush or other abrasive cleaner.
  • Never use harsh chemical cleansers.

Final thoughts

You have already read some handy tips and tricks about “How to use a bread machine”. I hope you will find this post useful. And right now, you can read more bread machine reviews by clicking the links below Panasonic SD-RBM1000-W Bread Machine Review.

Finally, thank you a lot for reading this post on “How to use a bread machine”. If you have any questions, please leave your comments below, and I will answer all.


Steven Winkelman.

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