How to make bread in a bread maker

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General information

As far as you know, a bread machine is extremely necessary for almost all families in the world, in general, and in the US, in particular. The customers require as multi-functional bread maker as possible. It means that the demands for the high-quality bread machine have become higher and higher. Therefore, to meet these realistic demands, many manufacturers have produced many different product lines, remarkably Panasonic, Cuisinart, T-fal, Black and Decker brands, and so on. Generally, they have various functions of making and baking bread. Although the quality of the output is very high, the price is quite affordable, which fluctuates from approximately under $100 to over $200. Even, there are some extremely expensive bread machines with the price of over $400 and even about $500.

How to make bread in a bread maker

In addition to baking bread, the users can use it to make some other delicious recipes such as pasta, cakes and so on. Today, there produced many different product lines with more and more functions, especially the gluten-free settings. And now, you can read some bread recipes in the following part.

Some useful recipes

As above-mentioned, this part of the post “How to make bread in a bread maker”will give you some basic steps. Afterward, you read some handy recipes of bread and other food types.

6 steps of making bread in a bread maker

If you are new to bread maker, and hesitate how to make bread in a bread machine, take a careful look at the following steps:

Step 1: Know your machine. Because the more thoroughly you understand it, the more correctly and properly you use it.

Step 2: Know your bread bucket capacity. This step helps you have the smartest choice of bread cooking pans.

Step 3: Try to be familiar with the settings. Only by getting used to your bread machine can you get the hang of it soon.

Step 4: Prepare and add the ingredients.

Step 5: Remember to add the ingredient in the right order.

Step 6: How to correctly use the timer. In this step, you can follow the guidances below:

6.1 Put the ingredients in the pan and snap into place.

6.2. Select the cycle you want.

6.3. Estimate how much time before you want the loaf to be completed baking.

6.4. Adjust the time on the display screen by the arrow buttons.

6.5. Close everything up and press “Start”.

Some delicious recipes

The following steps are used to some basic recipes. Seemingly, the way of using a bread machine is not far different for each type.

  • Measure and add liquid ingredients.
  • Measure and add dry ingredients.
  • Measure the yeast and pour it carefully into the well.
  • Snap the baking pan and close the lid.
  • Press “select” button, “crust color” button and finally “Start/Stop” button.

With these instructions, you read the list of dishes below. Firstly, you can make the traditional White Bread, Garlic herb bread, Favorite Potato Bread, South of the Border Bread, Caraway-Rye Bread, Onion Bread, and Parmesan-Pepper Bread. Besides, you easily follow the recipes of others such as French Setting Recipes, Classic French Bread, Sweet Setting Recipes. Moreover, you can use it to make apply-Spice Bread, Cinnamon-Raisin Bread, Cranberry-Wheat Bread, and the Old Fashioned Oatmeal Bread.

Correctly cleaning the bread machines

After making bread, it’s very necessary to cleanse your bread maker. This process is not easy for almost all people to carry out because if you do wrongly, your bread machine won’t work well. As a result, take a careful look at below:

Step 1: Unplug the bread maker and wipe down the outside.

Step 2: Remove all parts from inside.

Step 3: Soak the bread paddle.

Step 4: Allow attachments to air dry completely.


  • Never rinse the bread machine’s inside.
  • Never use steel wool, a scrub brush or other abrasive cleaner.
  • Never use harsh chemical cleansers.

You have already read some handy tips and tricks about “How to make bread in a bread maker”. I hope you will find this post useful. You can read more posts on Best Bread Machine Under $200, Best Small Bread Machine, or What is the best small bread machine?


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