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You are terribly worrying the troubles in your bread machine, but don’t know what are they and how to fix. Similarly, while I have been away, my bread maker has come into some troubles recently, and my wife is like a broken record all day. I think many housewives face the same problem. Therefore, I decide to write this post to give you some Bread machine troubleshooting guidance.If you want to read more useful posts, please click Best gluten-free bread machine, T-fal PF111 Bread Maker Review or CBK-200 bread machines. I hope you will be relaxed with your bread machine.

Shaped-related problems

Your bread loaf looks like a mushroom

Bread machine troubleshooting

This phenomenon happens when your bread loaf doesn’t rise. Or the loaf of bread looks like a cloud with a clear explosion. Perhaps, it results from the incorrect proportion of ingredients. If you follow the recipes booklet, check again carefully the pan size. Another reason is that you put too little salt or forget to add the salt. Adding the sugary ingredients without adjusting proportions can cause this issue.

Your bread loaf doesn’t rise

Bread machine troubleshooting

You can come into this problem when using old or stored yeast. Plus, too much sugar, salt, too high of water temperature and forgetting to salt or yeast results in this phenomenon. Because the water with high temperature can quickly kill the yeast which serves as a catalyst to help bread create thousands of gas balloon. The last cause is that users put the ingredients in the incorrect order. What’s worse, if your bread loaf doesn’t rise at all, it’s more likely that you have to add new yeast. Not only too much sugar but also too little sugar can cause this phenomenon. A high suggestion for you is to check carefully the recipes.

Your bread loaf looks like caves in

Bread machine troubleshooting

As you can see from the above photo, this issue occurs when there is too much yeast, no salt, high level of moisture, too small size of baking pan, too high temperature of liquids and the hot weather. More importantly, you mustn’t open the bread machine while the baking cycle. Let’s measure the liquid in the dough.

Your bread loaf’s lopsidedness

Bread machine troubleshooting

Each bread machine has two kneading paddles, but if neither they turn evenly, your bread loaf will be lopsided while mixing. Therefore, to avoid this trouble, it’s neccessary for you to check the paddles.

Texture-related problems

Your bread loaf is gummy

Bread machine troubleshooting

If your bread’s dough is raw, it’s more likely that your bread machine has a defective thermostat. Furthermore, if you use a lot of wet ingredients, too sugar or too cool temperature during baking time, your bread loaf will look like the above photo.

Your bread loaf is too dense

Bread machine troubleshooting

This trouble occurs when you mix too little or too much of an ingredient. Moreover, if there is not enough water, salt, yeast, sugar too much whole grain flour, this result will happen. Therefore, make sure to put the ingredients dry.

Your bread loaf is coarse

Bread machine troubleshooting

This phenomenon is caused by adding the too much water or forgetting the salt, compared to the bread flour. Also, if you use more vegetables and fruit, let’s make sure they are dry before you add to the bread machine.

Final thoughts

You have already read some handy tips and tricks about Bread machine troubleshooting. I hope you will find this post useful. By the way, you can read more posts on Best Small Bread Machine, Cuisinart CBK-100 Bread Machine Review or How to use a bread machine.

Finally, thanks a lot for reading.

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