About me

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Dear all beloved readers of “Bread machine guide”!

I’m Steven Winkelman, 50 years old and now I’m living with my family in Los Angeles, California. Being a quite simple person, I am also a big fan of travelling, meeting everyone, and joining outdoor activities. Therefore, I’ve chosen to become a domestic-appliance guarantee of an electronic supermarket named Allen & Sons Appliances. I have an opportunity to meet many interesting people every day. Normally, I spend about 8 to 10 hours per day on average working as well as broadening experience.

My profession

Currently, I’ve been working as one of the technical personnel for Allen & Sons Appliances. My first duty is to check and test the technique-related issues of machine types when goods are imported. I am also in charge of giving a warranty to the customers and repairing kitchen equipments at home.

My specialist skills include:

-Checking and repairing the electronic appliances, specially bread maker.

-Consulting and guiding customers to correctly use the household appliances.

What leads me to “Bread machine guide”?

When doing my work, I spend quite time on talking to my customers in order to further understand their problems. I realize that almost all difficulties related to the bread maker mainly originate from that the machine they choose may not be suitable to their real demands.

After I told my wife these stories, she suggested: “Why don’t you publish something useful and necessary to help them?” I immediately came up with the idea of writing some bread machine guide. Being highly excited about this idea, I spent many days on searching documents, along with my own lifelong experience. Finally, I wrote down this blog.

What can I do for you?

– Comparing and being aware of the famous bread maker brands, understanding their own strengths and weaknesses.

– Providing full information of each product, together with my own rating assessments which you can read at If you like any product, please click “check on amazon” to see the price and choose a suitable one.

– Giving bread machine guide of different types by some brief Tips and Tricks.

– Having overview and comparing of the price, quality of hundreds of the different machines at “Top Bread Maker”.

To sum up:

– I’m Steven Winkelman, an engineer of repairing and guaranteeing the electronic equipments.

– I have 20 years of specialist experience and known such many famous brands as Panasonic, Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach.

– This blog is based on my own working experience and in-depth research. The information is objectively provided and a non-PR for any company or product.

– I’m really into writing blog and give bread machine guide. I hope to get more connected with you. Please leave your comments for my blog.

Wish you to choose a suitable bread maker to your family!

Best regards,

Steven Winkelman